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Finding the Best Tax Accountant for your Business

Running a business is tiring enough, you don’t need to be stressing over your finances all the time or wondering if you got anything wrong. Using a CPA such as Ronnie Beaman in Jacksonville FL to help you along is a great way to ensure your business stays on the right financial track.

Must Love Taxes, and Numbers, and Being Organized

The perfect accountant has a nice mix of traits including but not limited to:

  • Knowledge of the system. Tax law and everything surrounding it can change as new codes and laws are put into effect. You want to find an accountant who knows the current law and how to keep up with any new changes that may become active.
  • Strong organizational skills. Keeping your paperwork in order while it’s in the CPA’s hands can mean the difference in getting a refund back, or having to pay the IRS. Tax Accountants take pride in being organized with all paperwork in their possession.
  • Asking you questions. Your business is not a carbon copy of another business; it’s unique in every way. A good CPA will ask you questions about your business so they can better understand how to proceed with your paperwork.
  • Leaving the Latin at the door. Tax law, or any financial law for that matter, can come with some big and confusing words. Your CPA understands those words, but they should not expect you to understand them! Being willing to break down the confusing terms so your life is made easier, not more confusing, is a great trait to look for in your accountant.
  • Friendly attitude. Everyone knows working day in and day out with numbers and legal papers is not as much fun as hanging out on a sunny beach somewhere – but you don’t want a CPA who is sour about their job. A CPA should always be cheerful and friendly and make you feel welcome, not look at you like more work to pile on their desk.

Once you have found the perfect CPA for your needs, you can rest assured knowing your papers will be taken care of and filled out properly. You want to stay on a strong financial path, not slowly drown in debt or fall into improper spending. Ronnie Beaman CPA and her team can help get you pointed in the right direction to financial security with business assets and support.